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Anonimo asked: Like I care about him as a person too, it's just the fact that unless he's questioning or someone is keeping him from talking/seeing Frankie he's just a straight guy THAT bothered that a couple hundred people on the internet think he might be gay that he will not even publicly support/hang out with his own self-proclaimed best friend not to mention losing a lot of potential business opportunities and that's just so fucking lame tbh that it would make me lose a lot of respect for him

Yeah, I get where you’re coming from, and I would feel as disappointed if that was the case. And the same applies to his identifying as a gay/straight icon when he can’t even talk about hanging out with his best friend without pointing out it’s not sexual or romantic. I can’t stand when he does that, but I’m willing to forgive him if it really is “gay panic”. Sometimes I almost HOPE he’s gay ‘cause certain things he does would annoy me otherwise (the nohomo-ing in interviews for instance)

Anonimo asked: Considering Zach is going to be in New York for at least a week next month if he doesn't go or at LEAST hang out with Frankie once I'm honestly done giving a fuck about him tbh

I like him as a person regardless of Zankie so I would still care about him, but I think we can all agree that if he doesn’t manage to go this time he either doesn’t wanna go, doesn’t care enough or someone is keeping him from going. There’s literally no other reason

I’m so used to disappointment with this ship that I’m sure Zach won’t go and guess whAT I DON’T GIVE A DAMN I’M SO HAPPY FOR FRANKIE ❤️

I’m not letting a freaking coin decide whether or not I go to jail tonight!

fashion encyclopedia: Hanna Toumajean f/w 2014 couture

Anonimo asked: i was talking about frankie liking the zankie stuff

Ohhh sorry! Then yes, he did stop. That’s why I think he’s backing off. 

If I stand correct, the last time he acknowledged zankie was when he tweeted he would need therapy because of it (which is kind of telling…) or when he liked/commented Zach’s IG post.

Anonimo asked: he doesn't really like zankie stuff as much (if at all) anymore. Idk if that's a bad thing... tbh i think things may be a little difficult with them right now. I still think they're friends though.

I don’t value media interaction nearly as much as anyone in the tag, but he’s been liking many pictures on Frankie’s Instagram in the past few days. I wouldn’t worry.

They’re definitely still friends (gosh, I hope so! Zach posted that owl picture after all), and as you said the situation isn’t ideal for them. I feel like we often forget they live kinda far from each other and distance must SUCK. One of my dearest friends lives 3 hours away from my place and we only see each other 2/3 times every YEAR ‘cause we’re both busy. And Frankie’s WAY busier than me… I can’t even imagine (It’s why I was upset when they didn’t get to go to Disney, could have been one of the few chances of meeting up. But whatever, it’s their life, they know what happened)

Anonimo asked: Yeah unfortunately I'm starting to think the same. Caleb favoriting this today makes it even more likely that that's the case imo or at least he doesn't know about it and he's pretty close with Frankie and maybe still Zach as well: twitter com/BBZankie4L/status/524083975883476992

Hey, that tweet is actually awesome :) I’m totally here for a zankie friendship. I’m here for zankie in any shape and form! 

And we shouldn’t take Caleb’s favourites as any indication of the boys’ relationship anyway. He wouldn’t know anything too private.

It’s just a fucking game, dude.

Anonimo asked: do you seriously think zankie is over, cos you just liked that girls post saying that

I don’t think it’s necessarily over, but I’ve had the feeling Frankie’s been backing off for a while too. And I agree that they must have talked about their relationship at some point, most likely during the Starbucks date. (Also yes, Instagram likes don’t mean a damn thing)