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If you are still up past 4:00 AM, you are either lonely, thinking of someone, or watching Zankie on the Big Brother Live Feeds

or you know… all of the above

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So I may be in the only place in the world where wifi doesn’t connect and I have to go to the beach to have a connection but I feel so weird using the computer here

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Chris Colfer talks about the future of Klaine on WWHL (June 13, 2014)

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ZACH LEFT CODY’S BED TO SNUGGLE WITH FRANKIE. Now he is sleeping next to Frankie. 

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Good job Frankie. I’m so happy for you. —Zach to Frankie after he won HOH competition with Cody

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7/17 12:54am

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Brittany & Cody talk about Zankie - YouTube


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I want to watch this forever and ever

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Frankie & Zach were spooning they’re so cute omg

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