I question every human who won't look in my eyes
Temporarily obsessed with Big Brother 16 & Zankie. Might post a lot of that. Sorry!
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Now everyone’s making fun of Frankie for getting a blood test for STD’s every 3-6 months

Yes, let’s make fun of someone in the gay community who is having sex and being socially responsible.

Oh and people calling him ‘dirty’ and a ‘slut,’ I know it must be hard to realize how much more sex gay men have compared to you. We’ll try harder not to rub it in your face….or we will if you’re into it.

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Zach Stans coming in here insisting that Zach was faking every single moment with Frankie…

You realize that if you’re right, then Zach is just a fucking shitty person? Who the fuck does that to someone?

As a gay man, having someone play with my emotions on such a level into making me think…

I was just thinking about this. Basically if we believe everything Zach said in that interview is true then we have to admit he’s a horrible human being. And I don’t really think that’s the case.

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I feel like he did fall for Frankie and Frankie fell for Zach but they have a lot to discuss after cameras are off and hopefully even if it doesn't work out to them 'trying things out' they'll be able to be as close as they were before the betrayal in the house!

Honestly? I don’t know if they’ll be that close ever again. Zach is wary and defensive right now (which is understandable) and if he won’t get the chance to talk to Frankie before going back home and watching the season… it may not go very well. Of course I hope that won’t be the case… Frankie said he would ask for his number as soon as they’d get out lol

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I'm so glad you picked up on Zach being annoyed/freaked out by the Zankie questions and didn't just go off about him playing F for $. He answered the couple from Julie last night with a bit more openness today I think it was too much, he's still hurt from the game play and Jeff brought all those wounds back open by asking Z how it felt that F was the one who put him up and lied. Z looked so sad talking about F...you could tell he felt bad and he even took blame for it.

I think 90% of our fandom picked up on it because at this point we know these boys so well. We know when they’re lying and how they lie, when they’re freaking out, stressed… With Zach is even easier, Frankie is a little more difficult to read ‘cause he’s a good actor.

Jeff’s questions were pretty annoying, he was too insistent. I honestly feel so bad for Z right now, I wonder what will be running through his head in the jury house. 

Zach always takes the blame for everything :( I kinda hate that! Can’t wait ‘til he finds out about Team America and how they used him for every effing mission.

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Is Zach gonna do another interview with Jeff? Because when the feeds are down for the competitions we usually get Jeff’s flashback times & there’s always an interview with the evicted houseguest commenting on clips with him. I’m kinda worried about them being all zankie stuff.

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Zach is not stupid, by now he’s figured out everyone wants him to admit he has feeling for Frankie so of course he’s gonna deny it no matter what. This is everything we were worried about for a month and unfortunately we were right. 

Tell me one person in Zach’s shoes who would have done it any differently….


I’ll be waiting. 


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Zach is not stupid, by now he’s figured out everyone wants him to admit he has feeling for Frankie so of course he’s gonna deny it no matter what. This is everything we were worried about for a month and unfortunately we were right. 

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"There’s nothing I miss…" "No one?" "No one I miss"

Jeff, you’re too obvious. You’re freaking him out

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Jeff. Why.

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"Who do you regret trusting in the house?" "Everybody" "No one in particular?" "I don’t know… Maybe Christine? She’s a snake" "Frankie?" "No, I feel like I messed it up with Frankie"

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"Was being backdoored by Frankie everything you’ve ever thought it would be?"

Z looks at Jeff. “What do you mean?” They laugh. “I’m not gonna answer that question” lol

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Zach just repeated that they’re still gonna be friends outside the house, that F’s the funniest person he ever met etc.

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Zach about Zankie: It’s all game related, he’s very touchy-feely. We were in an alliance and I’m not going to be the one to push him away.

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